famous cats

Famous Cats

A Who's Who of Funny and Fascinating Felines

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After my publisher accepted the original idea for Famous Cats, I began to worry. I’d written a volume on dogs, who are, quite reasonably, regarded as the more industrious species.

There have been countless celebrated canines and more who are happy to labour night and day in the service of mankind. Cats, on the other paw, tend to have a different value system, centred on sleep, food, sleep. sleep, being a nuisance, and sleep.

So, who, exactly, would I write about? I feared there might be enough interesting cats for a chapter but not a whole book. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I started my research, I was surprised at how many cats had actually done things that have impacted on human civilisation

The first version of this title never made it on to the bookshelves as the publisher went out of business. That has given me the opportunity to expand and improve the book — and discover even more amazing felines.

I hope that as well as entertaining and informing fellow cat fans, I can inspire more people to rescue and adopt them.

This summer’s planned publication of Famous Cats: A Who’s Who of  Funny and Fascinating Felines has been postponed due to illness. Please sign up to my newsletter for updates.

It’s surprising that there are so many famous cats who have sacrificed precious sleep to change history and make an impact on human society.

Some real life cats are actually very busy. They go to work, get married, start businesses, become millionaires, join expeditions, start wars, save lives, catch thieves, solve mysteries, get arrested, run for public office, play sports, star in movies, appear on TV chat shows, compose music, and devise scientific theories.

There are even cats who are famous just for being famous.

Fictional famous cats are central to some of the world’s greatest literature and poetry, award-winning movies and TV series. These moggies and posh breeds alike have made millions of dollars for their creators and affected the way we feel about pets and animals generally.

Real life famous cats

Did you know…

  • A pet cat so inspired the writer of The Owl and The Pussycat that his master built a replica of their house when they moved home so his furry friend wouldn’t get lost?
  • American president George W. Bush’s cat, India W. (for Willie) Bush, sparked riots in India as demonstrators burned the pet’s effigy and denounced her name as an insult?
  • Efforts to find a famous modern artist’s missing cat were thwarted by collectors tearing down the posters she had created appealing for help as the notices value soared’to hundreds of pounds?
  • The only cat served with a restraining order was placed under house arrest when neighbours and visitors including the Avon lady were hospitalised after his attacks?
  •  Two cat owners spent more than US$10,000 on their cats’wedding ceremony as 500 guests celebrated the pussies’ nuptials where a parrot was best man and the maid of an honour was an iguana?
  • A moggy adopted to help lower his owner’s blood pressure ended up saving his life by miraculously phoning paramedics after the man was left paralysed after a stroke?

Fictional famous cats

Did you know…

  • Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland owes his smirk to the traditional way of making Cheshire cheese in the shape of a smiling cat?
  • Why Korky the Cat was replaced on the front cover of The Dandy comic by Desperate Dan after gracing the first page of every issue but one  1937 to 1984?
  • Si and Am, the slinky cats in The Lady and the Tramp, made a generation of pet lovers fear their breed with their tricks and self-regarding nature — but everyone loved their song We Are Siamese?
  • Director Robert Crumb refused to make a sequel to the first X-rated cartoon film, Fritz the Cat, despite $100m earnings and critical acclaim, because he hated his sleazy, hedonistic creation?
  • Dr Seuss came up with The Cat in the Hat after being challenged by a friend and publisher  to write an entertaining book every six-year-old could understand, using just 225 words from a list of 348?
  • Top Cat, one of the world’s best loved cats, almost disappeared without trace. Modest TV ratings prompted the ABC network to drop the Manhattan stray’s cartoon after just 30 episodes in 1961-62?

I hope you’ll be surprised and enchanted by Famous Cats. a definitive who’s who of our feline friends.


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