The Random Book of John

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OK, let’s be honest. You’ll enjoy this if your name is John. And you’re more likely to buy it as a gift if you know a John or Johnny.

I shall always be grateful to Stripe Publishing for giving me the opportunity to write this, my first book. The project came along four years into my depression, and helped me to recover my self-confidence. It was good to know I could still write.

Although written in 2009, it remains relevant and in date.

The Random Book of… series includes Simon (by me) and (by other authors) on Andrew, Christopher, David, James, Mark, Matthew, Michael, Paul, Peter, Robert, Richard, Stephen and Thomas.

The Random Book of John is a great gift for any Johns or Johnny in your life.



The Random Book of John features facts, figures, stats and trivia on legions of record-breakers, record losers, actors, singers, sportsmen, historical figures, the famous and infamous, felons, inventors, rulers, heartthrobs, politicians and scientists called John.

Illustrated by Jonathan Pugh, The Times cartoonist since 1995 and frequent winner of Cartoonist of the Year.

Which John:

  • Left school at 16 with just three O-Levels, failed his interview for the job of bus conductor but went on to be prime minister of his country?
  • Took eight months to sell his first order of mobile phones but later sold his phone business for £1.4 billion?
  • Was turned down for a job at Pizza Express before earning $1 million for his role as Jonathan in The Mummy Returns?
  • Doesn’t read newspapers or watch TV, has designed record covers for Donovan and The Beatles, and is in a famously open relationship with a world famous actress?

Read about the John who:

  • Retained his bare-knuckle world championship title by knocking out his opponent in the 75th of 80 scheduled rounds.
  • Accidentally found the recipe for one of the world’s most famous condiments when he left the anchovy-based liquid in his cellar for two years, after declaring it to be “horrible”.
  • Was a top DJ who boosted the careers of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Pink Floyd, and whose sheepdog, Woggle, was bridesmaid at his wedding.
  • Wrote more than 600 books under his own name and more than 20 pseudonyms.

This is a unique and memorable gift for every John or Johnny.


160 pages


Stripe Publishing; First edition (1 Oct. 2009)







Product dimensions

12.1 x 1.9 x 19 cm

Kindle edition
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