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My second book for Stripe Publishing is available as an eBook, although it didn’t make it into print. I’m toying with the idea of publishing it in paperback.

It’s filled with quirky and funny tales of various Simons down the ages.

The Random… series includes John (by me) and (by other authors) on Andrew, Christopher, David, James, Mark, Matthew, Michael, Paul, Peter, Robert, Richard, Stephen and Thomas.

It’s another fun read and would make a fantastic gift for those Simons you know and love.



The Random Book of Simon features facts, figures, stats and trivia on legions of record-breakers, record losers, actors, singers, sportsmen, historical figures, the famous and infamous, felons, inventors, rulers, heartthrobs, politicians and scientists called Simon.

Illustrated by Jonathan Pugh, The Times cartoonist since 1995 and frequent winner of Cartoonist of the Year.

Which Simon:

  • Began his career as a book translator and hit the big time when the TV series he adapted from his novel was named the best-ever sitcom at the BBC’s 60th anniversary celebrations?
  • Claimed an IQ of 170 and said on a TV reality show that he was “quite clever” but blew more than £20,000 on cocaine in five years and abandoned his wife on their Jamaican honeymoon to take drugs?
  • Was an international sportsman whose career was cut short by injury and who was placed ninth in a poll of the world’s sexiest men after posing nude for Cosmopolitan magazine?
  • Was told by his headmaster, when aged 15, that he would go to hell, but has enjoyed a successful comedy career, winning a Time Out
    Comedy Award, a Perrier Award nomination and a job as top compere at London’s Comedy Store?

Read about the Simon who:

  • Was the chemist who oversaw the development of sildenafil citrate, better known as Viagra, to treat erectile dysfunction, hypertension and altitude sickness — and which helps jet lag recovery in hamsters.
  • As an Elvis impersonator, just couldn’t help believing he would break the Guinness World Record for performing songs by the legendary singer for 43 hours 11 minutes — but was all shook up when exhaustion forced him to leave the building after 35 hours.
  • Memorised a deck of 52 shuffled playing cards in a world record 21.9 seconds but came only third in the 2009 World Memory Championships, respectively.
  • Applied for a job as a shelf-stacker at his local Asda just three days after shoplifting four boxes of lager from the store, and was arrested when the supermarket’s manager recognised him from CCTV footage.

This is a great read if you’re called Simon. And the perfect gift for those Simons in your life.

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